Love Unfailing - A Psalm 13 Meditation

I’m pretty sure there is something wrong with me.  No. Scratch that.  I’m absolutely certain there is something wrong with me.  Sure we are all imperfect people, unrighteous sinners in fact, but I seem to wrestle with a deeper issue.  Doubt. 
Sleeping Lady ~ Photo by Pam Spence
I’m at war it seems, with myself.  “I am my own worst enemy,” is a phrase that comes to mind.  Self-doubt seems to be a constant companion, a loyal friend that trumps all other voices, rejoicing when “I am shaken” (Psalm 13:4).  And boy oh boy do I feel shaken, again and again (and not just by aftershocks, though those have subsided lately, praise God).  My 20 years of adult life have been filled with cycles of start and stop, excited beginnings and frustrated ends. Most of my endeavors haven’t lasted more than a couple years.
Some of you may know that I sold skin care and cosmetics in college.  Did I wear makeup prior to joining the force?  Nope.  But I felt like I belonged to that amazing group of women, and …

Find Rest - True Rest

Do you feel rested when you wake up each morning?  
If you didn’t hesitate saying “yes” to that question, let’s talk, because you my friend are a bit of a unicorn to me.  My normal morning rhythm is a slow, snooze-button filled, coffee-dependent routine. My family has come to understand that momma isn’t to be “poked” first thing…or even second thing for that matter. My lack of bright-eyed energy in the mornings has often left me wondering what feeling truly rested is like. In the Fall of 2013, I studied through the book of Hebrews with a group of ladies at my church. “Rest” was a repeated theme, and captured the attention and curiosity of many of the worn out mommas around the table. Out of a desire to fully understand what this word meant, I did the most logical thing I could think of.  I Google searched the definition of “rest”.  Being both a verb and a noun in the English language, this is what I found:
Rest (verb) – to cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or…

By Grace We Have Been Saved

Are there certain things that have become a normal rhythm of your year?  For me, in this season of life, those are the preparations for the beginning of the school year (crazy town!), trips outside (meaning out of Alaska) to visit family, and Revive.   Revive is a special-event ministry at my church under the banner of Women’s Ministry.  It creates time and space for women to come together and be “revived” through worship, spending time in the word, learning from other Godly women, and sharing meals with one another.  (Enter Qdoba catering…score!)  It is a very special event that typically covers a Friday night and a Saturday.  My roll in this ministry has been, for at least five years, leading worship.  Glory, glory, hallelujah!  We typically approach each event with a theme or book of the Bible in mind, and I have the privilege of choosing songs that serve as an extension of that teaching.
Last year’s event was focused on the truths found in Paul’s letter to the Ephesians.  Now, my…

Glory to God in the Highest - Hope Has Come

I’ve recently learned that “Christmas Time” is technically Christmas Day and the 11 days that follow, hence the 12 days of Christmas, so this post isn’t entirely too late. Right?  True, “Hope Has Come” is my first Christmas song, but I wasn’t able to record it and share it with you all until now because (dun dun da!!!) my computer had crashed!   Thanks to an expert diagnosis, being able to order parts online, and trusting my husband to fix it (though I need to work on my “I trust you” face), my 2012 model laptop has been resurrected.  I am thankful for this tool and the ability to share with you all. This song actually flows out of my time in Nashville last September.  I attended a breakout session led by Stuart Townend, on “The Art of Lyric Writing”, though I’m pretty sure he went rouge and decided to share instead what the Spirit led him to share that morning.  He identified areas in the genre of Christian music where he saw “holes” or needs for more specific kinds of songs.  Among…

Favorite Things - Aurora Night

What would you say are your favorite things?  What things, when you see them or get to experience them, bring you joy? Mountains at sunset, my little girl with her dog on the new spring grass, and babies bundled in snow gear make my list. Favorites on my list this time of year can be in short supply, but I’m still striving to find the joy. You see, for me, winter in Alaska brings on a few “not so favorite” things.  Darkness…talked about that a bit in my last post.  Snow…hinted at that one too.  Cold…yeah, I live where the air can hurt my face.   But this time of year brings about one of my “top of the charts” favorite things: the perfect conditions in which to see the Aurora Borealis, the northern lights.
When my husband and I first starting “dream talking” of moving here in 2006, I remember sharing how excited I was that we would live where we could see the northern lights! At that time I naively thought they would be a nightly occurrence, but nonetheless we couldn’t wait to experie…

Find the Joy - October Snow

Well, October is here. Not sure what happened to September. Maybe it got lost in the flurry of new school year schedules and…wait for it…a trip to Nashville!  Yep, I got to go to Music City with some dear friends for a music ministry conference in September.  It was my first time to that glorious place, at least as an adult aware of my surroundings, andmy first trip out of town without my family since I became a momma over 9 years ago. Not gonna lie.  It was amazing, not just because the music conference we attended was out of this world fabulous, but because I was maybe more “me” than I have been for a while.  Hear me when I say that I treasure my family and who I am because I’m called “mom”. But there is something to be said for adventuring out on your own and steeping yourself in something that fills your heart.  Something that you feel called to do. Want to hear a transformative teaching from my time out of town?  Here it is.  We are blessed by God so thatwe can be a blessing to …

Summer Song - An instrumental to celebrate the season

So, what season would you say is your favorite?  When asked, I can find things I like about each and every season (yes...even in Alaska), but I tend to cling to our current season with complete joy!  Summer...aaaahhhh.

Maybe it is the return of the light and warmth.  Maybe it is the feeling of satisfaction and dirt under my fingernails after working in my garden.  Maybe it is the thrill of landing a King Salmon on our boat with my family.  Maybe it is the return of color...a glorious contrast to the monotone black and white of the past 6 months!  But really, it is probably because my favorite things in life have always happened in the summer.

We used to travel from the Chicago suburbs in my youth to the mountains of Colorado every summer.  The cool (and less humid) mountain air was a fantastic place to ride stick horses and explore the ponderosa pine forests.  That mountain paradise became home to my family when I was 12, and there we continued to enjoy our summers, and added motorho…